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…Well, they at least don’t make sense anymore. Occupy Wall Street has been going on since the fourth quarter of September, and it has sparked similar movements and protests to spring up around the globe. The message? Although the movement has not adopted a specific platform of any sort, it is fair to say that the main theme(s) have been: Anti-Corporate Greed, Campaign-Finance Reform, and raising awareness over Wealth Disparity in the U.S.

And don’t get me wrong — I am in total support of these themes. These are real issues which need real solvency. However, the problem lies in how the movement goes about doing that.

Whenever someone starts talking to me about the Occupy protesters do you know what comes to my mind? A five-year old who stomps his foot down yelling, “NNNEEEAAHHH!” This is because that’s all the Occupy protesters are accomplishing with their actions. The very thought that your movement will motivate change to happen just by sitting around & camping in a given spot indefinitely for as long as possible is ludicrous. Why? Because you’re not actually doing anything; you’re more or less an annoyance — especially when you’re denying public use of public space.

Now, the Occupy movement likes to cite their right to protest/assembly via the first amendment as justification for their actions. This, too, is ludicrous. Yes, you have every right to voice your opinion and peacefully assemble; but this does not give you the right to intrude on other individuals’ rights to use public space and go about their lives like normal. It’s a rights issue, essentially. Do the protesters in New York intrude on anyone else’s individual rights through their actions? Absolutely.

The Occupy movement is morally correct about a lot of things. However, it has been long enough. Their voices have been heard. It’s time to pack the bags and continue to raise awareness some other way — one that won’t intrude on the rights of others.

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